Friday, 3 May 2013

Purple Inspiration

Recently I noticed I have quite a number of purple items in my room which I thought I'd share.

 I had to furnish my room from scratch when I moved into a house two years ago so I started out with choosing my room theme to be 'neutral with a bit of colour' and I couldn't help mostly going with my safest option of purple as it's my second favourite colour.

I'll be introducing prints and yellows to my room this month or next so it should be exciting (interior design is one of my biggest passions). In the mean time, here's a peek at some of my purple bedroom bits

Desk Lamp ARGOS / Foldable storage box JYSK / Chair JYSK/ Clock ARGOS / Stuffed animal- Victoria's secret / Furry Face- Charity Organization / Lamp ARGOS / Paper folder- WHSmith (old) / Candles- Wilko

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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Trip to The Netherlands

This post is highly overdue but it's better late than never right?

From the 25th of February to the 1st of March, I and some of my Architecture mates went to the Netherlands. We stayed in Amsterdam and visited Rotterdam and Utrecht during the week there.

It was lovely to see a different Architectural language there especially in Rotterdam where they tried to create their own version of Manhattan with skyscrapers and ultra-modern buildings.
In Amsterdam it was a mix of old and new with the classical narrow buildings and A LOT of Canals allover.

It was really cold during my stay there so I didn't get to enjoy it as much but I definitely would love to visit again during the summer months.
Two things I'll take back from the trip are:
1. Bicycles have the biggest reputation on the roads so be careful. You are 10 times more likely to get knocked down by one than a car.
2. If you're coming from the UK, prepare to be a proper tourist and shop for things you won't get in the UK and not from shops like H&M, Zara and the likes because items there will either be the same price as here or more

Here are some pictures from the trip (all pictures were taken with my iphone):

The National Maritime Museum, Amsterdam (Het Scheepvaartmuseum) / Courtyard of the Museum / Treats stall in a mall in Amsterdam / Souvenir shop in the Het Scheepvaartmuseum / Dam square, Amsterdam / Park close to the Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam / Entrance to the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition, Rotterdam / Interesting wall collage on the JPG exhibition building / Inside the Netherlands Architecture Institute, Rotterdam / Inside the Sonneveld House (now a museum) built in 1933, Rotterdam / The Master bedroom in the Sonneveld House / The Netherlands Architecture Institute building / 'Manhattan Island', Rotterdam / The NAI again / Inside the NAI Gallery / Eastern Docks, Amsterdam / Interesting Rust Facade of a building in Amsterdam / 4 stages of a moving Bridge in Amsterdam / Models of prominent buildings in Amsterdam / Sunset in Rotterdam / Sea-side, Rotterdam / Dam Square, Amsterdam / A street in Amsterdam / Dam Square / Dam Square again / View of Rotterdam / Cheeky selfie  

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Graduation Wishlist

Hi everyone, it's the 20th of April and the start of my official countdown to graduation!

I will be finishing up with uni in May but my graduation ceremony isn't until September. I really shouldn't be shopping way ahead of time because of the way new trends pop up every time but these are the key things I know I won't be changing my mind on.

I will be attending several graduation ceremonies before mine so I'm going to go crazy on shoes and will show you purchases in another post.

 On my wishlist I have a lovely dress from Mango which will be my graduation ball dress, gorgeous shoes from Bershka, clutch bags (one for my ball and the other for the grad ceremony), watch by Marc Jacobs, a better camera by Canon (I  currently use a Nikon L180 bridge camera which is quite good but the shutter speed kills me every time I take pictures for school or personal use so I will be upgrading to a dslr and will  probably sell off my Nikon).

The white dress is from the Aqua by Aqua collection and although I'm not too keen on wearing white for graduation, the dress is just too lovely and classy and if paired with a gold belt (not the one shown as that is worth over £200) it would tone down the 'older-woman' look. However, if I don't get this dress, I would be getting something of a similar look. There are so many other things I'm hoping to get and I will be slyly distributing who buys them to family and friends under the guise of 'graduation presents'.

If you're graduating soon, let me know things you're looking to get or suggestions on websites/stores I should check out, take care.

Friday, 12 April 2013

A little tea obsessed?

Tea lover?

My parents made me love black tea while growing up, they drank nothing less than 2 cups everyday and my siblings and I can remember the days of pretending to be asleep when my father will come home from work because the first thing he'll ask for was for someone to get him tea.
Coffee wasn't particularly appealing to me until I discovered the different beauties of it in the form of lattes and cappuccinos.

When I got to England, my tea drinking went to its all time high when the cold hit me, it was my only reliable source of heat. Over the months, I started going for healthier alternatives to black tea, I opted for mostly herbal or flavoured tea containing ginger or lemon because I suffer from mild indigestion after heavy meals. So here are my current favourites besides my normal black tea.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hello spring! Bag ideas

So it's spring and it's all about bright colours!

 I'm not too into colourful bags as I love my simple yet chic massive black or tan bags and I found that most colourful bags tend to be too casual looking (well that's the point right) and small which are quite useless to me as I am an Architecture student and everything from sketchbooks to stationery to even my laptop has to fit into my everyday bag.

However, I came across these lovely colourful bags which are good-sized and perfect for the season; I noticed neons are the thing for this Spring judging from high street brands

So even though you're not into colourful bags like me right here, you definitely need one 'spring bag' in your closet for days you want to do something different. Here are my favourites at the moment:

1. Aldo Seindenbecker bag HERE
2. Zara Mini shopper HERE
3. H&M bright pink bag HERE
4. Zara mini bowling bag HERE
5. Zara Leather Shopper HERE
6. H&M Straw bag HERE
And if you're still not keen on colourful bags, you could try using a patterned scarf to give your bag that little spring look

Aldo Seindenbecker bag in Black HERE

Friday, 29 March 2013

The Body shop Tea Tree range (Pore Minimiser/ face primer)

The Body shop got my attention from their super lush and gorgeously scented body butters (my favourites are Peach and Strawberry)

Then I went on to try products from their make-up range. It started with their baked-to-last bronzer then went on to their mineral loose powder and stopped to take a long walk around their tea tree range. I wanted a face primer to use as a base to set my foundation and I was given the Body shop Skin primer to try on, however my friend who suffers from mild acne was with me and wanted something to help fight her acne and moisturize her face before using foundation; she was then given the Body shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser which helps reduce the appearance of pores, fights acne, moisturizes and also acts as a primer, amazing right!

Best part actually is that it's very affordable at £7.50 compared to the normal skin primer which is £12, so it's a bargain and a half!

Right now, Body shop is doing a 3 for 2 offer on their make-up and skincare range so it's worth going down to try out their products. Let me know which Body shop product(s) you're loving at the moment.

Oh and the primer feels amazing on the skin, really gentle and smells slightly of tea tree which is a nice scent if you don't mind. Hurry down to your local store while the offer's still on; alternatively, you can get the Pore Minimiser online HERE

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Nothing compares to a full English brekkie!

I live for the full English breakfast! and lucky for me there's this beautiful cafe just 5 minutes from my house where they serve the best breakfast I have ever tried (believe me I have tried in different cafes and cities).

You know how they say if you want the real deal you should dine in some inexpensive corner cafe with washed up paint and worn out furniture, well it's kind of true but this cafe (Cafe M, Lincoln) is all kinds of beautiful inside with colourful walls, mirrors and beautiful chandeliers and their meal prices are so affordable.

Every now and then I get my friend Jacinta to go with me for breakfast when I don't want to sit alone, other days I just have rushed "power" meals before my crits at uni (I study Architecture).

I know when I leave England for good, I might not miss the dull skies and horrible weather but I will definitely miss the breakfast, best thing ever!