Friday, 29 March 2013

The Body shop Tea Tree range (Pore Minimiser/ face primer)

The Body shop got my attention from their super lush and gorgeously scented body butters (my favourites are Peach and Strawberry)

Then I went on to try products from their make-up range. It started with their baked-to-last bronzer then went on to their mineral loose powder and stopped to take a long walk around their tea tree range. I wanted a face primer to use as a base to set my foundation and I was given the Body shop Skin primer to try on, however my friend who suffers from mild acne was with me and wanted something to help fight her acne and moisturize her face before using foundation; she was then given the Body shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser which helps reduce the appearance of pores, fights acne, moisturizes and also acts as a primer, amazing right!

Best part actually is that it's very affordable at £7.50 compared to the normal skin primer which is £12, so it's a bargain and a half!

Right now, Body shop is doing a 3 for 2 offer on their make-up and skincare range so it's worth going down to try out their products. Let me know which Body shop product(s) you're loving at the moment.

Oh and the primer feels amazing on the skin, really gentle and smells slightly of tea tree which is a nice scent if you don't mind. Hurry down to your local store while the offer's still on; alternatively, you can get the Pore Minimiser online HERE

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Nothing compares to a full English brekkie!

I live for the full English breakfast! and lucky for me there's this beautiful cafe just 5 minutes from my house where they serve the best breakfast I have ever tried (believe me I have tried in different cafes and cities).

You know how they say if you want the real deal you should dine in some inexpensive corner cafe with washed up paint and worn out furniture, well it's kind of true but this cafe (Cafe M, Lincoln) is all kinds of beautiful inside with colourful walls, mirrors and beautiful chandeliers and their meal prices are so affordable.

Every now and then I get my friend Jacinta to go with me for breakfast when I don't want to sit alone, other days I just have rushed "power" meals before my crits at uni (I study Architecture).

I know when I leave England for good, I might not miss the dull skies and horrible weather but I will definitely miss the breakfast, best thing ever!

Discovered Virgos Lounge yet?

I got to hear about Virgos Lounge from seeing one of their lovely dresses on a friend. I really needed a dress at that moment so I hopped on to their website and was very impressed by what they had. Apparently the fashion brand is run by young ladies and that even made me want to shop there more, to encourage creative young minds out there.

Trust me their pieces are not like your average (upcoming) designer, they are unique classy feminine pieces with a great choice of fabric and being in England where the probability of meeting someone who has on the same dress as you in a club or event hall is a 6/10 (rough guess), you really want to be looking for good non-high street brands to shop from occasionally.

 Here are some of the pieces I'm loving from Virgos Lounge at the moment and I've got my eye on the yellow dress from their Spring collection!

(Photos taken from the Virgos Lounge website while the Spring collection photos are from Bella Naija)

You should check them out HERE and let me know what you think, take care.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Spring '13 Wishlist

A compilation of things I'm looking to get by May if my bank account allows.

 Noticed the running shoes? I realized going to the gym isn't for me and one thing I know how to do best is exercise my legs, I live in a nice and secure neighbourhood in a small city and watching people run everyday from my window has inspired me to start plus it would be the perfect new hobby since I always find myself wallowing into this pit of extreme boredom.

I've heard a lot about the Real Technique brushes by Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo and would be giving them a try; you can get them from your local Boots, Superdrug or online from Amazon (I'll leave the Amazon links below). The Zara court shoes are for graduation but I'm looking to get them now before they run out of stock (I'll do a graduation wishlist soon).
I tried on the Bodyshop baked-to-last Bronzer in store and it was gorgeous on my skin (I'm not a big fan of having blush on my cheeks so this bronzer will be the perfect substitute for an almost-everyday look).

Zara Blazer here
Zara Office city bag here
Zara shoes here
Real Techniques core collection kit (gold) here
Real Techniques starter kit (purple) here
Real Techniques Stippling brush (pink) here
Bodyshop Baked-to-last bronzer here

Feel free to share what's on your wishlist or products you are eager to try. Take care.

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Facial skincare products (Night)

Hi everyone,
This is my official first post!

 I currently live in England but I am from Lagos, Nigeria. I won't ramble on my history but would go straight to what this post is about and as I post more, you will get to know more about me.

I have always had good skin, and I would credit that to good genes and a healthy lifestyle. I take lots of water and fruits (bananas are my favourite), drink a lot of tea (which helps believe me), sleep for a good number of hours and I take long walks almost everyday so generally my skin lives off all that. But also I would credit using products that work for me and sticking to them.

 I have combination skin and I have found Nivea products to be great on my skin and also products by Simple which can be bought from Superdrug or Boots. Recently I started using Neutrogena's Visible clear face wash and face scrub in Grapefruit; it smells absolutely wonderful and I only bought it because it was on sale at that time but so far it's helped to reduce my pores and get rid of some spots on my forehead and I will definitely recommend them to anyone struggling with similar problems.

Nivea 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner here
Neutrogena Visibly clear pink grapefruit Facial wash here
 Nivea Regenerating Night cream here
Nivea Double effect eye make-up remover here
 Neutrogena Visibly clear pink grapefruit daily scrub here

Always remember that your skin needs to be well taken care of and you can really get the best out of it by easy things such as simplifying your beauty regime by starting with less but effective products and eating well.

Take care and love your body because someone out there is wishing for what you have.