Thursday, 28 March 2013

Discovered Virgos Lounge yet?

I got to hear about Virgos Lounge from seeing one of their lovely dresses on a friend. I really needed a dress at that moment so I hopped on to their website and was very impressed by what they had. Apparently the fashion brand is run by young ladies and that even made me want to shop there more, to encourage creative young minds out there.

Trust me their pieces are not like your average (upcoming) designer, they are unique classy feminine pieces with a great choice of fabric and being in England where the probability of meeting someone who has on the same dress as you in a club or event hall is a 6/10 (rough guess), you really want to be looking for good non-high street brands to shop from occasionally.

 Here are some of the pieces I'm loving from Virgos Lounge at the moment and I've got my eye on the yellow dress from their Spring collection!

(Photos taken from the Virgos Lounge website while the Spring collection photos are from Bella Naija)

You should check them out HERE and let me know what you think, take care.

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