Thursday, 28 March 2013

Nothing compares to a full English brekkie!

I live for the full English breakfast! and lucky for me there's this beautiful cafe just 5 minutes from my house where they serve the best breakfast I have ever tried (believe me I have tried in different cafes and cities).

You know how they say if you want the real deal you should dine in some inexpensive corner cafe with washed up paint and worn out furniture, well it's kind of true but this cafe (Cafe M, Lincoln) is all kinds of beautiful inside with colourful walls, mirrors and beautiful chandeliers and their meal prices are so affordable.

Every now and then I get my friend Jacinta to go with me for breakfast when I don't want to sit alone, other days I just have rushed "power" meals before my crits at uni (I study Architecture).

I know when I leave England for good, I might not miss the dull skies and horrible weather but I will definitely miss the breakfast, best thing ever!


  1. i would love to try english breakfast. it looks deliciously, yummy.(:

  2. How delicious is this! I haven't been to England yet but I can't wait to try it when I go there!


  3. That breakfast looks amaze x