Friday, 29 March 2013

The Body shop Tea Tree range (Pore Minimiser/ face primer)

The Body shop got my attention from their super lush and gorgeously scented body butters (my favourites are Peach and Strawberry)

Then I went on to try products from their make-up range. It started with their baked-to-last bronzer then went on to their mineral loose powder and stopped to take a long walk around their tea tree range. I wanted a face primer to use as a base to set my foundation and I was given the Body shop Skin primer to try on, however my friend who suffers from mild acne was with me and wanted something to help fight her acne and moisturize her face before using foundation; she was then given the Body shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser which helps reduce the appearance of pores, fights acne, moisturizes and also acts as a primer, amazing right!

Best part actually is that it's very affordable at £7.50 compared to the normal skin primer which is £12, so it's a bargain and a half!

Right now, Body shop is doing a 3 for 2 offer on their make-up and skincare range so it's worth going down to try out their products. Let me know which Body shop product(s) you're loving at the moment.

Oh and the primer feels amazing on the skin, really gentle and smells slightly of tea tree which is a nice scent if you don't mind. Hurry down to your local store while the offer's still on; alternatively, you can get the Pore Minimiser online HERE


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    1. Thank you so much, sure will follow on Bloglovin' x

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  3. Oooh i really want to try this! x

  4. I absolutely love the body shops body butter my favourite being coconut!