Saturday, 20 April 2013

Graduation Wishlist

Hi everyone, it's the 20th of April and the start of my official countdown to graduation!

I will be finishing up with uni in May but my graduation ceremony isn't until September. I really shouldn't be shopping way ahead of time because of the way new trends pop up every time but these are the key things I know I won't be changing my mind on.

I will be attending several graduation ceremonies before mine so I'm going to go crazy on shoes and will show you purchases in another post.

 On my wishlist I have a lovely dress from Mango which will be my graduation ball dress, gorgeous shoes from Bershka, clutch bags (one for my ball and the other for the grad ceremony), watch by Marc Jacobs, a better camera by Canon (I  currently use a Nikon L180 bridge camera which is quite good but the shutter speed kills me every time I take pictures for school or personal use so I will be upgrading to a dslr and will  probably sell off my Nikon).

The white dress is from the Aqua by Aqua collection and although I'm not too keen on wearing white for graduation, the dress is just too lovely and classy and if paired with a gold belt (not the one shown as that is worth over £200) it would tone down the 'older-woman' look. However, if I don't get this dress, I would be getting something of a similar look. There are so many other things I'm hoping to get and I will be slyly distributing who buys them to family and friends under the guise of 'graduation presents'.

If you're graduating soon, let me know things you're looking to get or suggestions on websites/stores I should check out, take care.


  1. Great choices! That camera looks AMAZING!

  2. Good luck with your graduation!
    Love the Aqua dress, their stuff is impeccable :)

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  3. i love that clutch!
    and the canon 600D is amazing.

  4. Ooh, great list! That white dress is so stunning and would be perfect for Spring and Summer :)


  5. Aw congratulations! I am graduating in a couple of months as well! Loving your wishlist btw. Especially the shoes :) I haven't thought one up yet for myself. I just can't wait to have a good night's sleep tbh haha

    Mo x

    1. thank you! and congratulations in advance too x

  6. Love the white dress!

  7. I have the Canon 600D its really good!

  8. Lovely items, love the camera!

  9. Really nice!!! I love it!!! So great!

  10. Beautiful pictures. Looks like you had a great time.

  11. The heels are gorgeous! My graduation is in July, I can't wear a dress or heels - we have to wear trousers/shirts :( x