Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Hello spring! Bag ideas

So it's spring and it's all about bright colours!

 I'm not too into colourful bags as I love my simple yet chic massive black or tan bags and I found that most colourful bags tend to be too casual looking (well that's the point right) and small which are quite useless to me as I am an Architecture student and everything from sketchbooks to stationery to even my laptop has to fit into my everyday bag.

However, I came across these lovely colourful bags which are good-sized and perfect for the season; I noticed neons are the thing for this Spring judging from high street brands

So even though you're not into colourful bags like me right here, you definitely need one 'spring bag' in your closet for days you want to do something different. Here are my favourites at the moment:

1. Aldo Seindenbecker bag HERE
2. Zara Mini shopper HERE
3. H&M bright pink bag HERE
4. Zara mini bowling bag HERE
5. Zara Leather Shopper HERE
6. H&M Straw bag HERE
And if you're still not keen on colourful bags, you could try using a patterned scarf to give your bag that little spring look

Aldo Seindenbecker bag in Black HERE


  1. I'm the same way with colorful bags. They tend to sit in my closet lol I tend to stick with blacks, tans and grays because they can go with anything. Your choices are great though :) Plus like you said you can fit things into them. I'm the same in that department too! I put my life in my purse lol

  2. reallylike your blog- nice topics :)

  3. love the zara bag! :*